Potty Training Tip from Tom Cruise

Every parent has to potty train their child and has to clean up their share of potty accidents. This includes celebrity parents like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes!

When asked about potty training Suri Cruise, Tom revealed that he and Katie do NOT use potty charts or potty training reward systems.

They prefer the "potty-in-the-room" technique and also read potty training books for Suri.

The potty books are really good for getting them excited about it. You know, shes taking the diaper off, getting ready, he says in the interview.

By reading potty training books that will get her excited about potty training and by also always having a potty chair accessible to her, they are hoping to create a pressure free environment for young Suri!

You cant have that it must happen now approach. Somehow that always ends up in wasting more time, Cruise has told the magazine.

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