Primo Travel Folding Potty Seat

Primo Travel Folding Potty Seat
Primo Travel Folding Potty Seat Primo Travel Folding Potty Seat
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This Travel Folding Potty Seat by Primo has the following features:

  • Folding, toilet reducer for traveling
  • Fits easily into diaper bag
  • Handles give child added security, clean hygiene and stability
  • Child holds potty seat handles instead of holding onto dirty toilet bowl for added hygiene
  • Neither child's or mother's hands need to ever touch the toilet bowl guaranteeing safety and hygiene
  • Use on round or elongated toilets
  • Supports child up to 40 pounds
  • Sealing Storage bag included as carrying case
  • 4 Large non-skid pads and large front overhangs prevent seat from sliding

This Travel Folding Potty Seat With Handles, the handy, folding toilet reducer for traveling away from home, will play a leading role in the sector of first childhood products. Particularly with a small child, toilet cleanliness is a must! With the Folding Potty Seat With Handles, any mother can allow her child use any public toilet as if they were at home! It fits easily into your diaper bag or purse.

The Folding Potty Seat With Handles is the ideal solution to two problems:

  1. It reduces the toilet opening size and
  2. Ensures perfect hygiene at the same time.

Your child holds the folding potty seat handles instead of holding onto a dirty toilet bowl for stability, security, and added hygiene . Neither the mother's or the child's hands need to ever touch the toilet bowl, guaranteeing safety and hygiene.

The Folding Potty Seat With Handles is strong enough to support a child up to 40 pounds on a round or elongated toilet. The Travel Folding Potty Seat With Handles has 4 large non-skid pads and large front overhangs to help prevent the potty seat from sliding.

The Folding Potty Seat With Handles has a sealing storage bag included as carrying case.

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Product Specifications

UPC 734970005214
Color White , Black
Brand Primo
Product Type Potty Seats
Product Gender Unisex
Material Plastic
Potty Seat Features With Handles , Folding Potty Seat , Travel / Portable Potty Seat

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It works ! (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: no name I do not agree with the do not buy this. They probably didnt use it right or something. I dont know but I babysit 18 kids and I used it for every one of them. It worked great.
Don't leave home w/out it! (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: Anonymous This is the perfect on the go potty solution! We travel a LOT and have yet to find a public toilet that this doesn't fit on. Our son feels very comfortable sitting on it. The storage bag that it comes with is a joke as it's just a Ziploc bag, that ripped the first time I used it. So I just keep it in a gallon size Ziploc bag. The seat does exactly what it's suppose to do.
Item works for us!! (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: Heather I had a difficult time with the seat at first because I was trying to put the seat on the toilet toward the back of the adult seat which caused slippage. This seat is designed to fit at the front of the adult toilet seat. Once I figured that out, the seat has worked perfectly for us, even on elongated toilets. I love that it is hygienic and has handles for my little one to hold.
Night Time Potty Training Pants Small (Sep 16, 2011) Reviewer: Jasmine These are really great as far as keeping beds and jammies dry, but they ARE giant. I ordered the smallest size for my 34 pound girlie and she is swimming in them. She IS a teeny one, but they are uncomfortably big on her. Other than that I really like them
Can't live without for trip... (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: A desperate mommy, Stephanie Travel John Jr are the are best thing ever.... we leave on a road trip Thursday morning and can't live without these when traveling with our 3-year old son. This enables us not to stop every hour (sometime more) to go potty! I just placed an order for a supply of the Travel John Jr. -- Order Number: 1234. I chose what I think is the fastest method possible. Bottom line, whatever it costs... hoping you can get these delivered to us by Wednesday, May 3. Also, if for some reason you can't fill the entire order in this timeframe, I'll take as many as I can get. Thank you!!!!!
finally! (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: kimmy my friends son loved coming over to my house while his mom went to work but any time we went some ware he had an accident and i had to buy a new car seat(it happened 7 times)so i put this on his car seat next time he had an accident we didnt have to get a new car seat
I agree, it doesn't work on public toilets (Dec 09, 2008) Reviewer: anonymous I have only been able to get this to work on home toilets. Since it is the only product I could find I continue to use it only because it provides some protection and support on the public toilet. Overall, it really doesn't work. It slides all over public toilets and there is no way to get it on. The public toilets are too elongated and the seat is wide.
Awesome Potty Seat. (Dec 11, 2008) Reviewer: Heather I love my seat and for those of you who say it doesn't work on elongated seats you are incorrect. It is probably more secure on regular toilet seats but the supports on the front and back help steady it. The seat has to be placed towards the front of the toilet seat like the picture shows. We have been using the seat for over 3 years without any pinching or falling off. Can't imagine going to the stores without it.
Unusable Due To Pinching (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: Potty Training MILF I tried it a couple times and my son always got pinched. I'm currently looking for a new potty seat. I would not recommend this one.
It's Amazing!!! (Mar 13, 2009) Reviewer: Jessica I am so HAPPY!!! it only took about 2 days of reading this book with my daughter for this to work. She is 6 years old and has autism. I bought this book because a friend from my yahoo chat group Autism_In_Girls recommended it. I can't thank her or the author enough! I am very proud of my daughter and recommend this book to ANYONE!!!
DO NOT BUY THIS! (Nov 23, 2008) Reviewer: Christian We bought this for our son after experiencing some dirty or too large public toilets. My husband tried to use it for the first time yesterday and could not get it to fit the toilet at a restaurant and there was no way he could lift my son on to it without it slipping. I thought I would give it a try today when we were out for breakfast. Typical toilet at Einstein's bagels. I had a hard time getting it to stay, lifted my son up and placed him on the seat. He let out a horrible scream and I lifted him up and threw the seat cover to the floor. He was bleeding. THE PRIMO FOLDING POTTY SEAT CUT HIM ON HIS BEHIND!!!!!! This product does not fit on toilets, the handles are blocking where the legs should go and instead of protecting him, it hurt him. We will just bring disinfecting wipes from now on. DO NOT BUY THIS!!! OUR COMMENTS: This product is one of our BEST SELLERS and we have been selling it for over 2 years without any issues. This is the first review we have received on the product and have posted it for you to read. Please let us know your thoughts on this product.
Great item! (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: Anonymous We have been using this item for my daughter for about a year now. We haven't had any problems with it. No slipping, easy to clean. I like the handles so her hands aren't touching the toilet as well. I highly recommend this item!
Great product! (Mar 09, 2013) Reviewer: Jessica Awesome product! Very useful when traveling. Love the handles on the side. Highly recommend!
A must have (Apr 30, 2013) Reviewer: Caroline Banks This is a perfect potty seat for travel purposes. We used this on the airplane & on a long road trip. My 3 year old felt very comfortable using it as it is sturdy & I like the handles provided him to grab on touching of the toilet seat! A great buy & a must have for potty training travelers.
Good in theory, but doesn't always work (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: anonymous This potty seat has only fit on 1 out of 3 public restrooms with elongated toilets that we have tried. If the seat doesn't fit well, then it will slide right off the toilet as you try to get the child up on to it. Have found that it just won't fit some toilets even by moving seat to the front. I also had to add an additional hygienic cover over the seat so my little one didn't touch the public toilet. I still carry it and try to use it, but not always happy about the outcome. Still looking for a better solution.
A must have (Jun 02, 2011) Reviewer: Jo-Ann A training seat was not in my original potty training plan, but after a few days of helping my 15 month old hold herself up on the "big" potty my arms were KILLING me. I decided a travel seat had to be the way to go. The 1st time we used the t it she loved it because she could do it like a big girl. This thing is AMAZING! I read reviews about pinching & babes falling in, but that had to be a user error. If you read the instructions & place the seat correctly you will have no issues at all. I have told all the ladies in my mommy group about the must have seat.
Wished they worked! (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: Mom My daughter is 35 pounds, but she is has a big build. Which means she has chunky thighs and a nice round belly. I called to talk to a rep. from potty training concepts about fit because from other reviewers I was afraid that the leg holes would fit her to tightly according to weight only. Well I decided to go with the extra large with the measurements she gave me. They fit around the waist and leg, but the body of the training pants are HUGE. Even my almost 3 year old started to cry and said no mommy too big. I also got a pair of the regular training pants, same size and they are even bigger than the waterproof pants. Big waste of money on these. And they are ugly. By the way you can not return these. Disappointed to say the least. NOTE by PTC: You can return UNOPENED packages of underwear - for sanitary reasons - you cannot returned opened packages of underwear. Please see our return policy.
great for on the road (Nov 29, 2008) Reviewer: chris i have a 6 year old boy and a 2 year old girl and we take long trips and when they say i have to go my wife pulls it out and they use it my son tells me when we are on the road and he has to go so we use it and we love it.