Video of Potty Training Booty Camp - The Doctors

Watch the Potty Training Boot Camp Video from The Doctors TV Show that aired on Octorber 2nd, 2008

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Unfair attacks is right (2/10/2010) Reviewer: mrscrile

First of all I know this video is old but still very relevant and Booty Camp is still going strong!

I'm a mom of 2 boys that have been very hard to potty train.

I can't believe the big deal they made over a little junk food and sugar! The junk food and sugary snacks didn't rot their teeth and they went right back to our regular diet.

Asking a child to clean up after themselves....OMG!! That's just horrible.

Heaven forbid parents actually expect children to do anything around the house. After asking my youngest to clean up after himself, he suddenly changed his mind about pooping in his pants.

Letting the consequences play out has been wonderful. Kids need to know how the real world works at an early age.

This is one of the best things I can teach my boys....that actions do have reactions. Go Booty Camp Mom...keep up the good work! You've got lots of parents behind you!

unafair attacks (7/18/2009) Reviewer: earnestgal (orange county, CA) these doctors are a complete joke. how dare they have a guest on their show, a woman who's been very successful at potty training hundreds of children in record time, and all they do is criticize her?! i doubt either of these docs have children of their own. i'd like to see the schmuck on the left try and potty train his kid with carrot sticks as a reward for peepee in the potty. good luck with that, doc. and they completely misrepresented the junk food, implying that the children consumed ALL of it in the span of 5 hours. obviously, that wasn't the case. do these people think we're all complete idiots?! like we didn't see the clip and hear what the lady was saying? and what's so bad about making your perfectly-capable child clean up after himself? i know parents these days, more and more, want to coddle and indulge their children, relieving them of any sense of personal responsibility at all... but they shouldn't. they're hurting their kids by NOT allowing them to share in the responsibility for the actions--for their own bodies. this booty camp program works. some sweet treats ONE day will NOT kill anyone's child. lighten up, for 5 hours. and it's perfectly reasonable, even imperative, for parents to insist that their children take responsibility for their own actions and, in this case, accidents. I WILL NEVER WATCH THIS SHOW on TV. what a complete joke and waste of time these two doctors are with regard to their complete lack of understanding of how a child's mind really works. if they're this clueless with regard to potty training... i can't even imagine what they'd be like, talking about anything more serious regarding one's health. shame on them for the way they have attacked this lady, a woman who is very good at what she does and was obviously much more respectful to them than they were to her. i can't believe they actually referred to her method as "child abuse" when talking about insisting the child clean up his mess. come on... CHILD ABUSE?! please. give me a break. she shouldn't waste her time indulging people like this, and tv shows that will do nothing but try to tear her method down. SHAME!
cleaning up (4/21/2009) Reviewer: lorie sadler (greenville, tx) I really liked the fact that yall said something about the poop getting under the fingernails. I watched the vidio and never saw the kids finger nails being cleaned. The snacks were pretty bad I feel that you should reward a child when the do good but never with food. I also had a problem with all the kids running around naked.I just feel that along with potty training your child ,they also need to learn a little modesty.I have raised my 3 children, and am now raising 4 of my grandchildren, the youngest being 18 months. She goes to the potty with the older girls in our home,but not everyone in the home and behind closed doorss.Grant you, she will not be potty trained in 1 day or even 5 days, but in her own time and with encouragement and not scolding or the speach about it not being exceptable behavoir.My method is alot of love and nurturing. That's my potty traing way