Video Diary - Potty Training in One Day

Allison decided to use the Potty Training in One Day method to potty train her daughter Kayla. This is a her video journey of the process!

Getting Started

In this video Allison talks about how she knew that her daughter might be ready to potty train as well as all the things she did in advance to prepare for the big day.

The "Big" Day

This is the video of the Big Day! Kudos to Allison for taping it! She shows you all the steps she went through with Kayla. It is a long video but, Kayla did amazing :)

3 Days after the Big Day

Allison gives an update on how Kayla is doing 3 Days after the Big Day.

The Conclusion

How Allison and Kayla are are doing one week later. Also, Allison shares some of her learning and tips on what she would do differently.

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