Ultimate Black Potty Watch by VibraLite

Ultimate Black Potty Watch by VibraLite
Ultimate Black Potty Watch by VibraLite Ultimate Black Potty Watch by VibraLite Ultimate Black Potty Watch by VibraLite Ultimate Black Potty Watch by VibraLite
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A potty watch is an excellent way to help your child remember when it is time to go potty. This VibraLITE is one of the best potty watches out there...for you...or you child!

When worn by the parent, you will not forget or need to be constantly watching the clock. When worn by the child, they know it is time to go each and every time the countdown reaches zero and vibrates on their wrist.

Set the Countdown Timer for 2 hours and "VibraLITE" will alert you that it is time to void. The Auto-Repeat Feature on the Countdown Timer will automatically reset and countdown again and again every 2 hours each time it reaches zero.

The Quick Reset Feature allows you to reset to the original time (i.e. 2 hours) with the push of one button. This is convenient when you need to have the child void prior to leaving home and want to then continue use the ongoing 2 hour reminders.

The VibraLITE is perfect for potty training, and it is especially useful to a special needs child.

The VibraLITE watch can be used for help with things like:

Behavior Modification


Vibration, audible or both
Securely set in a separate "option mode"
Text on display shows what option is set.
8 daily alarm settings
Preset for variable reminders
20 second alarm duration with auto off or alarm can be turned off by pushing any button
C ountdown timer with auto repeat option .
Counts down in hours, minutes and seconds 5 seconds duration alarm
Records number of repeats. (up to 99, then restarts at 0)
Reminder(s) before zero optional.
One second reminders at 5 and 10 minutes before zero can be set on or off
3 time zones
EL back light
H ourly alert option
Text prompts
Large digits
12 or 24 hour clock choice
Water resistant
One year warranty

Fit wrist sizes (approx): 5" - 7 1/2"

This item will ship within 1-3 business days by UPS Ground only .

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Product Specifications

Color Black
Product Type Potty Watches
Product Gender Unisex

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not for folks with dementia (Nov 12, 2010) Reviewer: val I got the watch for my mom who has dementia. I found that it was going to be too difficult for my mom to use. She is in a community care home and with her confusion the 4 buttons would be far too much to deal with. It may be fine for a child who has a learning curve that is going up but mom's is going down.
a little scary (Mar 14, 2011) Reviewer: Jim The item works great, but when my son saw it for the first time he didn't want to use it as he wasn't used to it... Great item for first time training!!
Great Watch! No more accidents! (Sep 27, 2016) Reviewer: Katie I. My son was given this watch as a gift from his teacher. We had no idea there was such a simple fix for his "accidents" at school. Now he can even go to sleep-overs with friends. We found it pretty easy to set and the multiple alarms make it really easy for him to keep dry.