VibraLITE Mini Watch - Purple

VibraLITE Mini Watch - Purple
VibraLITE Mini Watch - Purple VibraLITE Mini Watch - Purple VibraLITE Mini Watch - Purple
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Keep your potty training on schedule when you use this VibraLITE Mini watch. It will let you or your child know when it is time to go potty AND it's fashionable.

The easy to read luminescent screen with text prompts makes the watch easy to set. There is also an option for a countdown timer with auto repeat that will alert up to 12 times a day.

You can also set the watch to vibrate, beep, or both when it alerts. The lock out feature will prevent a child from accidently changing the settings and the wristband can fit most children and some adults.

The watch can also be used for other reminders for medication, appointments, etc.

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  • Easy to read digital screen
  • 20 second alert duration
  • Set up to 12 Daily alarms
  • Luminescent backlight
  • Nylon wristband with buckle clasp
  • Fits wrists 4.72" - 7.20"
  • Settings for vibration, audible or both when alarm alerts
  • Lock out feature
  • Water resistant (up to 50 meters)
  • Includes CR1632 battery
  • Automatic Leap Year Time Update
  • One Year Limited Warranty

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Product Specifications

UPC 797097868780
Color Purple
Product Type Potty Watches
Product Gender Female
Product Audience Kids , Adult

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Potty Watch (Mar 11, 2014) Reviewer: Amanda Pascoe Love it! My daughter has a medical issue that causes issues with bathrooming. If she is reminded every two hours to go to the bathroom, the accident per day are next to nothing. So this watch has been a lifesaver! It looks like a normal watch and she wears it like a normal watch. She has alarms set from 8am to 8pm every two hours. It has the vibration set for each alarm so only she knows that it is going off. She wears it everyday, including weekends and school. It is wonderful for her because she is able to finally take some responsibility for her issues rather than me doing to for her - it is awesome!