2 in 1 Waterproof Cotton Potty Training Pants for Boys

2 in 1 Waterproof Cotton Potty Training Pants for Boys
2 in 1 Waterproof Cotton Potty Training Pants for Boys 2 in 1 Waterproof Cotton Potty Training Pants for Boys 2 in 1 Waterproof Cotton Potty Training Pants for Boys 2 in 1 Waterproof Cotton Potty Training Pants for Boys 2 in 1 Waterproof Cotton Potty Training Pants for Boys 2 in 1 Waterproof Cotton Potty Training Pants for Boys 2 in 1 Waterproof Cotton Potty Training Pants for Boys 2 in 1 Waterproof Cotton Potty Training Pants for Boys
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These Potty Scotty 2 in 1 WATERPROOF Potty Training Pants are ideal if you are worried about accidents making a big mess and leaking everywhere. They are perfect for the accident phase of potty training and especially when you are out and about with your toddler.

Mom Innovations listened to you and have improved their 2 in 1 training pants. We are extremely pleased with the new and improved 2 in 1 Waterproof Training Pants.

These new and improved 2 in 1 Training Pants are not only a superior product - but an incredible value!

Details on the training pants include

  • The outer layer is Waterproof PUL fabric. Waterproof "PUL" (Polyurethane Laminate) is a soft, polyester knit fabric laminated, so the training pants have the feel of a soft polyester knit fabric, but are 100% waterproof.

  • The training pants are padded with 2 layers of super absorbent padding.

  • The inside layer, which is against your toddler's skin, is 100% knitted cotton. This is the same cotton that is in our potty training pants - padded for boys. The cotton and the padding will absorb the accidents, but will make your toddler uncomfortable and therefore increase his awareness of his excretory function, especially when compared to diapers and pull-ups.

  • These training pants are designed to fit loosely, so that they can be pulled on and off by your child without any adult supervision. Not only does this increase the chance of getting to the potty on time, but it also makes potty training much more independent.

  • Suggested use for these waterproof training pants is to contain accidents during daytime potty training.

  • Our potty training pants come in a variety of sizes and will fit babies, toddlers and kids up to age 6. (The weight and the size of the child will have an effect on the age limit of our product. For example, children who are 7 and older but have a small build may still fit into our training pants.) Please make sure to use our weight chart as well as our sizing chart to get an accurate fit.

Please note that these are not to be used to replace diapers or pull-ups.

The 2 in 1 Waterproof Training Pants feature:

  • Stretchy Lycra bindings around the legs and tummy for a comfortable and customized fit
  • Designed to fit loosely so that it is easy for toddlers to pull up and down with ease by themselves
  • The waterproof outer layer is made of a PUL fabric which is a soft polyester knit which is both strong and durable.
  • Super Absorbent Center layer - to absorb and contain accidents.
  • Inner layer is 100% cotton that is soft against a toddler's skin but will feel uncomfortable when wet, so it will encourage your toddler to keep his pants dry!
  • Machine Washable
  • Washing Instructions:

    • Machine wash in warm water with like colors.
    • Use only non-chlorinated bleach when need.
    • Tumble dry on low to medium.
    • Do not iron.
    • Do not dry clean.
    • Reusable cloth training pants

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Product Specifications

Color White
Pattern Branded
Brand Potty Scotty
Product Type Training Pants
Product Gender Male
Product Audience Baby , Kids
Material PUL , Cotton
Training Pants Features Waterproof , Cloth (Washable / Reusable) , Padded / Absorbent , Pull On / Pull Off
Training Pants - Absorbency Rating Medium
Apparel Size Multiple Sizes Available

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Do NOT leave the seat up!!! (Mar 30, 2010) Reviewer: Granna Mel

My grand baby was trained in ONE DAY using this potty!

She loves climbing up and down and using the same potty we all use. She folds, unfolds, and puts it beside the toilet all by herself and she's only 2-1/2 yrs.

HOWEVER, this website should change the photo because you should NEVER use it with the seat up - TOTALLY UNSAFE!

It is made to sit ON TOP of the existing toilet seat, NOT on the bowl rim! Common sense anyone?

great product, I am ordering again (Nov 26, 2010) Reviewer: Dawn Kuhlman I ordered this product when my 3rd son was potty training. I was so tired of going through so many clothes. I did have a problem with when I tried to wash it the first time, both paired ripped up. but I called the company and they mailed me 2 more for free. And those worked great. They are not very good for long time use(like overnight). But now my 4th son is ready to potty train and I am ordering 4 more for him.
I LOVED the Potty Scotty ones (Nov 15, 2010) Reviewer: Amanda When potty training my son, what ended up getting him officially trained was ditching all the disposable pull-ups and going to the training pants. I LOVED the Potty Scotty ones you have pictured. The quality is amazing. I plan to get the Po...tty Patty ones soon for my daughter. Sure, disposables at night may be good for a while, but ditch the disposables during the day! Nobody likes to be wet! The first few outings without the security of disposables is a bit of a challenge, but plan well, and it should be fine! We only had one accident while training and there's the occasional accident here and there, but an extra set of clothes kept in the car takes care of that!
love these training pants! (May 14, 2011) Reviewer: Cindy My son is 30 lbs and the large size fits him. These training pants provide the right amount of absorbents. My son feels the wetness but it does not leak down his legs & onto his shoes making a mess like regular underpants.
Third time is a charm (Sep 27, 2011) Reviewer: Tracy Love the fast shipping! This item was packaged by Bemis with the wrong hardware. Potty Training Concepts has great customer serivce and contacted Bemis who promptly sent wrong hardware again. I had already contacted hardware stores and knew you cannot get the hardware from anyone but Bemis. I called Bemis and explained what we needed and finally got the right hardware! We LOVE the seat. It is so much better than the removable inserts. Highly recommend this product and this company.
Not a seat (Nov 19, 2011) Reviewer: Travis Bianchi Delivers what it promises and the kids love it! Only thing, it is not good as just a seat anymore. The plastic is too light for that. Overall though, love it.
Altered use (Feb 09, 2012) Reviewer: Kristin I used this chart for my daughter. I used a plain homemade chart until she was showing an understanding of using the potty and the whole process of going when you need to, wiping, flushing, washing hands; all as part of one single act of going potty. When she was ready to focus on no accidents and pottying on the potty all the time even in public I switched to this chart. The first thing we did was pick out a desired toy (Abby Cadabby doll) and set it up on her wardrobe as her goal to earn when the chart was filled. But I did not use the titles. I simply gave her a sticker for each potty use. When she had filled a column she got a small $1 or $2 toy. Then OH! the excitement when she had filled that chart to earn her doll! I started this during my week of spring break and made certain that she was out often so the public potty was worked in in order to earn the big reward. The big stickers I gave her for a whole day with a dry pull up. There are actually 15 big stickers, we just put them in other spots when the obvious places were full.
Does the job (Aug 12, 2012) Reviewer: Caroline

We bought this potty for our 8 month old daughter.

We use it, but mostly in the car. I found it to be very light which makes it great for travel but as an everyday potty it just isn't strong enough. If it's not sitting on carpet it slides all around.

Disappointed (Nov 13, 2012) Reviewer: Deborah Jackson

The amount of flushable wipes received for the price was way to low!!!

I bought two packages and was very disappointed they only filled one flushable wipes holder.

Good Product (Nov 13, 2012) Reviewer: Deborah Jackson

The Flushable Wipes holder is easy to use and my grandson loves it!

The price is right, easy to assemble, and the grandkids actually use it!!!

Thrilled (Nov 05, 2012) Reviewer: Marie Denton

I am so thrilled by what I found on your site!

The number of underpants (3) in your package is perfect for my purpose ( I'm the nagging grandparent!), plus the stickers with the free achievement sheet, are a terrific ploy. I shall let you know how he fares.

This is a tricky 3.5 year old. However, he loves Thomas AND he loves stickers. I LOVE the idea of having the sheet so there's some regular type of educational input as well as the physical. --I'm just supposing that I didn't have to apply for that score sheet, that it comes automatically with the stickers. Anyhow, I'm sure I'll be back.

I also thought your pricing was most valid, AND the postage method to Canada didn't take my breath ( and cheerfulness ) away!

Good Luck in all you do!

Exciting Potty Seat (Nov 13, 2012) Reviewer: Deborah Jackson

My three year old grandson was excited about the marvel comics potty seat!

The only thing about the seat is that is a little small for a boy his age. Please give an age group for these seats! Other than that, he loved it!

Great seat but needs rubber pads (Oct 09, 2012) Reviewer: Renata

I was impressed when the seat first arrived, it looked great and felt very soft.

I was concerned when I placed it on the toilet, that it slid easily as there were no rubber feet on the bottom of it to ensure a firm base. We tried it and my son felt so insecure that he started crying (it slid with every movement). I have since stuck big wads of blue tac on the underside and it is now secure. I have never owned a toilet seat that hasn't had rubber feet on it and I feel that this is an important oversight of this toilet seat. Other than that it is great.

Great product! (Mar 09, 2013) Reviewer: Jessica Awesome product! Very useful when traveling. Love the handles on the side. Highly recommend!
Potty seat (Dec 27, 2016) Reviewer: Nicole Davidson Awesome potty seat for on the go! Can fit right in a diaper bag or purse:)
Perfect! (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: beautiful boys mommy These pants could not be any better. Our son has been potty trained for almost 3 weeks. We threw out the diapers, and he has been in big boy underwear ever since. Since we did not want to downgrade him to pull ups at night I bought these. We wakes up after he pees one time, so these are perfect for us. Thank you so much! No more wet sheets, pajamas and covers at 3:00 am!
Great idea but.... (Sep 10, 2009) Reviewer: Monica Halsey These potty pants are a great idea and i do like them. they are very soft and comfortable. My only problem with them is they do not stay on very well. I know they are suppose to be loose so he can pull them up and down easy but they are a little to loose. His little bottom is constantly hanging out.
I like these for naps and short car rides. (Jan 27, 2010) Reviewer: Lisa

I like these for naps or short car rides because they are waterproof.

They do hold in a good amount but they can leak if left in a wet training pant too long.

They only issue I have with these is that they are baggy and he does not seem to notice he wets his pants when compared to the Potty Scotty padded training pants.

So these are good for planned potty trips, but not so good if you want him to feel it as soon as he's wet.

Could be better... bunches if it's too big. (Feb 11, 2010) Reviewer: jen

My son is about 32lb and is 2 1/2 years old. We just received the (LARGE 34-39lb) and they look huge.

We tried them on and they fit well around his legs, but they are puffy and the padding does bunch in the front and back.

They do keep the pee from leaking. Unfortunately, it keeps the pee away from his skin as well (because of the bunching)... Thus defeating the purpose.

I should have gone with the Mediums. I was just afraid they would be too small and I'm still not sure if the legs would be too tight in the smaller size. They work but could fit a whole lot better....

As for the pants themselves: The 2 layers are integrated, so why do they have to be so puffy???

The whole pant balloons away from his body, especially in the front. They're not two separate layers... like if there was a padded pant underneath and a separate outershell that was connected at the seams.

They would be nice if they were a slimmer fit like the padded kind.


Potty Training Concepts Response;

While we are aware that many of our customers go by the weigh next to the size, we highly recomend the use of our Size Chart for each of our different style training pants.

We added weight due to a high demand but quickly found it to be misleading as children wear their weight in different areas of the body.

Some have thin legs but a muscular torso and vice versa, thus affecting the fit of the pants on the child.


e nice if they were a slimmer fit like the padded kind.
Don't Understand (Mar 16, 2010) Reviewer: Vedra

Why wouldn't these underpants replace pampers or pull ups??? The purpose is to replace either with the underpants so the child will not depend on the pamper or pull up.

Our Response;

Our training pants are not intended to contain mulitple eliminations, as a diaper is. They are also not intended to protect the childs skin from moisture, as that is counter productive to potty training.

The intent of training pants is to absorb the elimination and still allow the child to feel uncomfortable due to being in their elimination.


Did not absorb as you it would... (Mar 31, 2010) Reviewer: Andrea

I just bought it for my son and he tried yesterday and it leaked all over his legs and went through his pants.

I just have a question? Is he suppose to wear it with a daiper cover?

I am very dissapointed about it :(

Potty Training Concepts Responce;

At this time we are only aware of this product failing due to incorrect size, unintended usage (using like a diaper), miss handling during laundering, and the very rare defective pant. We do however address any concerns that are brought to our attention.

Way too big! (Feb 07, 2011) Reviewer: Jen I just bought these and opened one up (size Large) and I saw how huge they are. The underwear looked like it could fit a 6 year old, so I'm trying to get the company to send me the info to send them back. I don't even think my son needs them anymore, he's been doing great with potty training now! But my son is 35 pounds, 4 years old and they recommend a large but I would consider buying at least a size smaller than what they recommend!
These are wonderful !!!!! (Mar 25, 2011) Reviewer: Cindy I got these for my son who just needs them overnight. After reading what everyone said about them running large, I got the smaller of the two sizes that I was debating between. I wish I had gotten the next size up. Oh well I am back for the next size now. Other than that I think these are wonderful for overnight accident protection!
Sizing is off (May 20, 2011) Reviewer: Stacy My son weighs 26 lbs and he is not chubby or skinny. He is well portioned. I bought a small for him and they are too big. Every time we went to pull his pants down his little booty was hanging out the back of them. I used them for about a half a day and stopped. They did not leak and the legs fit fine, but the waste was way to big.

Potty Training Concepts Response:

If your child is slender, we prefer to go with a smaller size. If you child is little stocky, to please go by the size chart.

Best Pants by FAR!!! (Jun 16, 2011) Reviewer: Molly McMillan I was a little skeptical after reading the reviews about sizing, but I am so pleasantly surprised with these pants!! I don't know how much my son weighs, so I didn't look at that as far as the measuring chart. I took measurements (waist and leg) and found that he was a medium and that's what I ordered. We ordered on Sunday and got them (southern CA) on Wednesday and just as we were headed out for errands. I was surprised with how they were soft, but still waterproof. I didn't wash them, but put on right away. My son did great on the outing, but when we returned, he forgot and had an accident. To my surprise, there was no puddle. Awesome!! I also washed last night and they washed really well, no shrinkage. THANK YOU!!!!
Couldn't be happier!!!!!!!! (Jul 21, 2011) Reviewer: Megan H I ordered these really because my son would go through so many Pull-Ups, it really started to add up! So, I looked into these to save some money but it turns out they're one of the best things I could have ever bought and I wish I would have bought them sooner! The first night he wore them, when he woke up he had an accident over-night but no leaks! He tells me, "These pull ups are so different!". Well the three nights after that no accidents, I really think since they don't "stay dry" he wanted to make it to the potty. Even woke himself up to go! I was really worried about the sizes, so I got a size smaller, and it fits perfectly. He wears 3T normally, so I got the 2T size. This is better than the outcome I was hoping for. So happy I bought this product!!!
Keeps dry! (Aug 18, 2011) Reviewer: Mia I put these pants on over the over night disposable diaper to keep my toddler's pj and bed dry. Works!
Really waterproof, but hard to pull off! (Aug 29, 2011) Reviewer: H These pants are great, they hold in #1 well, at least long enough for our little man to get to the bathroom. One side effect of holding in leaks is that they fit tight and are hard for him to pull down on his own. We also use the 100% cotton, non-waterproof, variety for that reason (primarily when he's not playing in a room with carpet!).
Potty Scotty waterproof pants (Sep 01, 2011) Reviewer: Amy So far these waterproof pants have worked for us. I have a very small 4yr old and ordered size small and they are still a bit puffy. My son has only had one accident in them and his sheets were totally dry. I recommend these but order a size smaller for sure.
Great substitution for pull-ups (Nov 19, 2011) Reviewer: Linn My 5yo son is in size M (he's 37 lbs)--I took measurements prior to ordering and they are perfect. Not puffy like the pictures on the model, but also not tight. I spent as much on 3 as I would on a box of disposables at Costco, but I'm hoping these will do the trick. These didn't leak last night--great product!
not bad (May 23, 2012) Reviewer: Heather I got these in medium and large because I wasn't sure what size would fit my, soon to be 3 yr old. They are both tight on him and he is not a big little boy. He can't pull them on and off by himself.

So, during the day he's in regular under pants and at night I put these on him. They do seem to hold in moisture when he has an accident, but if he pees a lot they will leak. He's pooped in them a couple of times and I hated it! Since they don't slip off easily it was a mess, literally, to get them off.

PTC Comment: All children are built differently, so it is hard to size them at times. That is why, we recommend using our sizing charts which we have available, to hopefully make it easier to decide what size would be more appropriate.

The 2 in 1 training pants are not made for night time use. They are designed to use during the day when a child has accidents and not at night when they have multiple urination's. This will cause them to be overfilled and therefore leak.
Great pants for night-time (Mar 01, 2012) Reviewer: Jane Hogue I ordered these pants for my son and went with the other mom's suggestions of going with the smaller size. The pants fit him but I wish I had of gone with the sizing suggested by the web-site because if they were just a little bit bigger they would be big enough for him to pull up and down on his own. The pants are pretty absorbent & are waterproof so for the actual training part they were a little bit too much but for afterwards they are awesome for helping train your lil one while saving your furniture and carpeting from accidents!
Allows him to feel accidents, but protects my furniture. (May 01, 2012) Reviewer: J. S. I ordered these pants for my 2yr old son who is long and lean (very thin hipped). The size small fits him perfectly (36inches 30pounds). He was doing well with pull-ups, but needed to feel the wetness that the cotton allows so he remembers to go all the time, not just when it is convenient for him. Love the waterproofing on the outside. It is very soft, but protects my furniture and floors against accidents. Easy to wash and dry. GREAT purchase!
not for heavy wetters (May 23, 2012) Reviewer: maureen l Will leak a bit. Used at night for a heavy wetter but no sopping wet beds anymore.

Light and soft. Not big and bulky like the others.
Sizing Off (Jun 25, 2012) Reviewer: Chy

Works great, absorbent and leak-free.

However, I ordered the size my son should wear according to the sizing chart and weight, but they were tight all around, especially around the waist. Customer service was helpful when I called. But I still had to pay for return postage to exchange them. Got the next larger size (XXL) and they work great.

Although I will say my son still complains they fit tight. They actually fit fine, it is just a strange fit with it being puffy all around and a snug waist.

Comment: She is correct in saying, that she had to pay for shipping to send us back the items to exchange. That is in our exchange policy. However, when we sent back the items that she wanted in the exchange, we did pay for the shipping to her.

Works Well (Aug 10, 2012) Reviewer: Monica Bass

These waterproof training pants work very well, so much better than pull ups. My son loves his big boy pants.

I first bought 6 to begin our potty training process, a week later bought 6 more. Have used these pants for about a month and has had very few leaks.

The overnight pants works well also.

2 in 1 Waterproof Cotton Potty Training Pants for Boys (Sep 26, 2012) Reviewer: S Stadick

Fantastic potty training pants. Highly recommend. We just started potty training and so far leak free.

These are great! (Sep 19, 2012) Reviewer: Tiffany Anderson

These are great!

My son just had an accident in them, and the outside stayed completely dry. We’re having him some trouble training him as he has some developmental delays, but with these, we may be able to get out of diapers quicker!

hard to dry (Aug 29, 2012) Reviewer: Bonnie

Take too long to dry out after wash them! It take more than 24 hours dry out.

PTC Comment:You are able to dry these in the dryer, but if you do use the dryer, we highly recommend that you use low heat.

Not Leak Free (Dec 04, 2012) Reviewer: vickie

I ordered 7 pair to start potty training my 2 year old. They worked good the first few days, so I then sent him to preschool with them on and in 4 hours he leaked through 3 times.

He will go potty most of the times when asked, so I will continue to use them and watch them closely.

PTC COMMENT: I am so glad that you bought our products and are using them. And even though,it may seem that our products do not hold up and leak at times, there are other factors that everyone should take into consideration. Some days children may have a lot heavier fluid intake and sometimes they may go longer between bathroom visits, factors which could cause the products to leak because of the amount of fluid being released into them. Every situation is unique and different. I myself, have even had occasions when the Huggies diapers that I would use on my children would leak. It was no fault of the items, just the change in the eating and drinking habits of my children. I don't believe that there is any product out there that is truly infallible. I, like everyone else continued to use them because they do seem to make our lives easier.

Either way, I am very glad to hear that you are sticking by our products and giving them an opportunity to help with your potty training.

amazing product (Mar 04, 2013) Reviewer: Amy My son is 5 and has digestive issues that made for potty training to come at an older age. These pants fit well and are truly waterproof. He has made great strides using these pants and he loves wearing them.
Potty Scotty (not quite) Waterproof Training pants. (Jan 07, 2013) Reviewer: Becky J They fit well and are nice and soft, but they leak through the material. A little disappointed that I'm washing sheets every day.
Great training pants! (Apr 09, 2013) Reviewer: Sara T. My son was teetering on the edge of diapers and starting pull-ups. Pull-ups are SO expensive and seem wasteful. He was not quite ready for underwear with some occasional accidents. My friend suggested Potty Scotty training pants and they have been the answer this mother was looking for as they let my son know when he is about to get wet, but don't leak through and soil the rest of his clothes. I wish that i had know about Potty Scotty pants two kids ago.
re: prefect for my special needs (Aug 11, 2013) Reviewer: Shawn finally found a training pant for my son during the nights, he's 6 and we're working on his potty nighttime accidents, they haven't leaked at all unlike goodnight sleep pants
Very Helpful (Sep 17, 2013) Reviewer: Monique DiSario These are by far the best purchase I made for potty training. My son wears them to bed and he has woke each time he started to go and ran to the potty. We had only had them for 2 weeks when he has woke up dry every morning since. Even though there have been no accidents in a long time, he likes his "nighttime" underwear and they are part of his jammies!
Not Waterproof (Aug 23, 2013) Reviewer: Stephanie My son is comfortable wearing these pants, & they do contain dribbles & small stools, but leaks immediately with a true wetting.
potty training (Nov 02, 2013) Reviewer: LaTasha Greene These training pants are great. They absorb a lot without getting cloths wet. Everyone should use these when potty training!
2-in-1 Potty Training Pants (Dec 02, 2013) Reviewer: Danni L I have twin boys and this type of potty training pants have worked great for us. Given it is still a work in progress, but we have made great advances in potty training when we switched to the 2-in-1 pants. If you have a child that is a little bigger, I have one boy that is 43lbs and does not wear slims, go with the 2XL pants.
great (Dec 30, 2014) Reviewer: mom of 4 works great for my 5 year old night time accidents
Disappointing Fit, and Not Breathable (Dec 30, 2014) Reviewer: Confidential Disappointed and Unusable for our LO. Fabric is not soft / not breathable. Legs cut off the circulation in our LO's thighs and were so high-waisted it made them very difficult to remove (and our LO normally is an easy to fit toddler). Other products have worked much better for us... with much more breathable cotton and better fit and that had similar padding. Would recommend others to keep looking.
Nice but a bit bulky (Feb 03, 2014) Reviewer: Nina S Nice that they hold up accidents but a bit bulky compared to ImseVimse which have a better fit
waterproof potty training pants (Nov 09, 2013) Reviewer: Jill Conry excellent quality....fits well.
Night time training pants (Apr 12, 2014) Reviewer: Patricia Taffi The pants run a little smaller for the weight noted. I order 3 pairs of small. They fit really tight, my child only weighs 25lbs and will probably only be able to use them for a month. However the quality is great, just a little to expensive for me to order the next size up.
Cotton Potty (Feb 10, 2014) Reviewer: Sandra Hughes These are great did not receive free stickers.
potty pants (Jun 02, 2014) Reviewer: KELLEY DAVIS very good
Great product! (Jun 07, 2014) Reviewer: Kim Barry I really like the 2 in 1 waterproof training pants. I think they will be great for outings. They kept the mess inside.
Too bulky (Jun 17, 2014) Reviewer: Rossana Desrochers Unfortunately because of the material it was too bulky and my son would not wear it. At the end I wasted my money because my son never used them. I just ended up regular undies and that worked fine.
Great product! "Super aborbant" claim is true! (Jul 11, 2014) Reviewer: Their_Mom We are overall pleased with these training pants. The company's claim that these are super absorbant is quite accurate. In fact, they are so absorbant they take a bit of time to dry so if you plan to wash them by hand and let them air dry, you will need to give them 24+hrs. The 2-in-1s are a little less absorbant than the minky and bamboo ones though. I read some reviews that these are bulky & I don't agree. They are bulkier than regular underpants but they haven't hindered my toddler's movements or affected how he wears his shorts or pants. My only issue w/these is that you cannot go by the weight alone. I ordered according to my toddler's weight & they are tight & will not last long. I have since read that I should have gone by the size chart & not weight alone so I would advise ppl not to make the same mistake I made.
Ultimate Solution for Wet Bed (Oct 03, 2014) Reviewer: Kathy Thomas These are the BEST ever & worth every penny.!! My 8 yr old grandson is a bed wetter & he doesn't like regular rubber pants that "make noise" because it embarrasses him & he said his people know he has them on. With these 2 n 1 pants they not only are soft & noise free for him but they absorb so much more & keep the bed dry to keep me from having to change bed sheets every day. So we are both happy!
Heavenly (Oct 08, 2014) Reviewer: Christopher Pilats These underpants allow my son to feel moisture while preventing his clothes and my furniture/rugs from getting soaked. They have a natural look under hus clothes and he likes them.
2 in 1 waterproof (Apr 24, 2015) Reviewer: amanda Cummings I have a 5 yr old special needs son. He hates the way he feels in these once soiled. I love thst for the most part the mess stays contained! My only suggestion would be a easier way to change w out sliding solid messes down his legs creating a larger mess.Best product I have found for older children.
Potty Scotty trainers (Sep 25, 2015) Reviewer: Telcia Muretisch Use these for overnight training. Ultra absorbent. Fantastic price. Probably because they're made in China. 😟 but we love them. They're comfortable on my son. They're soft and not that noisy kind. The elastic is the softest. The panty part is bulky but the legs and waist fit perfectly for pulling up and down and also holding snugly. He's 30# and we got M
Testimonial (Oct 20, 2015) Reviewer: Kimmie Egan I wanted to send your company an email long time ago can't remember if I did but here it is now, Our son was adopted and from the first time we got him he was delayed and he started school having not been potty trained well the school told us he would have to be potty trained or he would have to wait the following year to go to school, well we were desperate someone told us to try potty Scotty underwear yes little expensive for underwear especially on tight pay check to paycheck budget, but we did it and within 2 weeks he was potty broken THANK YOU. My husband & I tell parents all the time about your product and it was truly amazing & wonderful for our son with special needs thank you. From our family to yours. The Egan's.
2nd time buying (Dec 01, 2015) Reviewer: Telcia Muretisch We should have just bought a lot of these to begin with. We bought our second batch and shouldn't need any for a long time now! Great. We all love them.
Too big (May 04, 2016) Reviewer: Tina Schuman Sizing is incorrect. If you need medium, order small
No leaks!!! (Apr 22, 2016) Reviewer: Vickie Jacobson My grandson had NO interest in potty training and he had just turned 4! People said you push it you make it worse. So I just put these pants on him and would ask every now and again if he needed to go. Never did, BUT I could tell the feeling of being wet was uncomfortable! He now has started going a bit in the potty! I think it is all because of these potty pants! Highly recommend!! They hold a lot and are easily washed! I love them!!!
great! (Mar 29, 2016) Reviewer: Kimberly Kresse I bought these for my grandson. They kept his clothes dry when he wet. Washed well. Would recommend this product.
Perfect for Toddlers who Refuse to Potty Train (Feb 10, 2016) Reviewer: Melanie Arruda-Fischer My son was slightly interested in potty training but this underwear reinforced the message. By day 2 he was going to the potty by himself. Miracles do happen!
Wonderful! (Mar 14, 2016) Reviewer: Angela These have been incredibly excellent in training our son. I have never bought a pull up in the whole year post toilet training. They hold a ton (get the waterproof version)....if it is a gallon of pee, you will probably have some damp clothes or wicking at edges but you can save an outfit and avoid a flooded bed. They have worn like iron, washed hot, dried medium high heat for a year....no problems. For sizing, my thirty lb son who has a very sturdy bottom (in 4/5t cotton underwear briefs) and strong thighs is wearing the medium. They are a little snug in leg to me but we only wear occasionally now like long car ride, at church as just in cases. I bought two larges and they are big! He can wear the, but there is A LOT of room in the seat kind of billowing and the leg holes are a little gaping or just barely fitting. Fine for us now to catch some dribbles or the start of an accident if he can't hold it before we can get to a restroom. But if you are toilet training and need to hold in a good deal of pee and poop, the mediums would be a must. Great great product.
Do not buy big (May 10, 2016) Reviewer: Jean Pierce Sizing can be tricky,especially if your child is in between sizes. The thing to remember is that most kids grow only 4-6 lbs. a year. My son is close to 35 lbs. with a slim, yet muscular build. I got him a small (up to 40 lbs.) in the nighttime and large in both the 2-in-1 and regular Potty Scotty pants. If I would have got him the larger size I would have had to return everything.
Was Hoping For Better (Jun 30, 2016) Reviewer: Brandie Rupert I ordered 10 pairs of these, following all of the weight and sizing charts and these things are huge and bulky. Which makes me disappointment because my son calls them diapers because of this. Also, 6 of my 10 came with ripped seams at both the top and leg areas. I sent a message to customer service, it took 2 days for a reply (it was the weekend) They asked for pictures and whatnot, but I already sewed the seams up because I didn't want to wait. But, they seemed to have been interested in resolving the problem, which is good. Chances are I will actually take all 10 in to make them smaller, instead of paying the return shipping. They do as intended, the prevent accidents from ending up all over my floor and furniture. Just wish the sizing was more accurate.
Works great! (Aug 11, 2016) Reviewer: Kathleen M I had a really hard time finding nighttime training pants in size 5. I was skeptical of this product based on the comfort of the fabric and if they would actually save me from cleaning sheets on a daily basis. They fit ( a little big but maybe necessary to hold a nights worth of pee.) They work, they're comfortable, I'm not washing sheets. My son loves not wearing diapers to bed! They are a great product and I would highly recommend!
Confident! (Aug 30, 2016) Reviewer: Debbie Kay Hi Potty Scotty people! I was just writing you a thank you note for making such a great product and especially in larger sizes. My son was an extremely late toilet learner and still deals with the occasional daytime accident even now at 8 years of age. Your XXL trainers allow him to feel confident and secure and "just like the other kids" at school and the 2-in-1 waterproof pants give me that extra peace of mind for field trips and the like that if he does have an accident, he won't have to worry about social embarrassment.
Love your product (Feb 17, 2017) Reviewer: Jascinta M - Jas THANK YOU for replying so promptly. I may try your suggestion about the elastic around the leg area. I have a friend who sews really well. I will talk to her about it. At least there is a solution. That's great! Thanks for listening about the additional/larger size options for the cotton training pant. It's wonderful that your company actually listens to parents and alters their product line accordingly. I know here in Australia some children with special needs require training pants at a later age - meaning that they require a bigger size. Like my son. I also purchased a similar reusable training pant style from a company here in Sydney - but would you believe they charge $24.95 AUD (AUstralian Dollars) for ONE PAIR?? So I ordered two pairs on the SAME DAY as I ordered from your company all the way over in the USA - and the Sydney order has NOT arrived yet!!! How about that!! The Sydney based company sells these pants all the up to adult sizes - which is a relief as my little boy will continue to grow quickly. The only thing is that the other style of pant differs in that you have to add a (re-uasable/washable) bamboo pad insert to the actual pant and it may move as the child moves about. At the moment it's my only other non-disposable pant option. Most of the other companies stop at a much smaller size. Please let me know if you can make a 4XL in the non-waterproof style as parents (like me) will pay for something that works and gives them piece of mind and assists their child/ren in any way. Especially a child with special needs who is unable to tell you that they need a nappy(diaper) change or to go to the toilet(bathroom). THANK YOU again for your EXCELLENT customer service.
Not for us (Feb 12, 2017) Reviewer: Rosana I call my son as pee pee monster, they didn't work for him.
Great Diaper replacement (Feb 10, 2017) Reviewer: Debra Overman I bought these for my grandson who is 5.5 yrs and special needs. He is not yet toilet trained and diapers are a huge expense. These work perfectly other than they run large. I bought them based on weight chart.
effective but a little bulky (Dec 28, 2016) Reviewer: Anya I bought these for my ~32 lb toddler for use outside of the house since we still have some accidents. So far no issues with leaking and they absorb well -- definitely will catch a whole pee or more. They are a little "poofy" and possibly run a bit large. I bought a medium but I think a small might fit better on my lanky son despite his weight falling squarely in the medium range.
Upsizing a great product. (Feb 24, 2017) Reviewer: Telcia Muretisch Nothing bad! We use underwear underneath and theyre just for nighttime. We already had the midsize--now passed to little brother. Love the price!
2 in 1 Waterproof Potty Training Pants (May 19, 2017) Reviewer: Jade Tang true to size. Tried a few days, so far no leaking with pee pee or poo poo on daytime but haven't let my boy try the training pants while sleeping so don't know if it's indeed waterproof at night. My boy would tell me that the pants are wet when he has pee pee... at least a good start...
2 in 1 cotton water proof training pants (Sep 16, 2017) Reviewer: Cheri Clanagan When my son had an accident only the inside of the pants were wet. His clothes remained dry even while I was holding him.
Just what we're looking for (Jun 14, 2017) Reviewer: eddie starr My wife & I were looking for something like this for a bit, and the stores only had ones for girls. She did some searching on the web, and voila! Has been great for our 1 year old; we'll probably order some more, soon.
2-1 potty training pants (Nov 09, 2017) Reviewer: Diane Morris They did not work for my son. He is 4 and autistic. The pants leaked. He will hold his urine for a long time but when he is asleep he wets. Just too much for the pants to hold. The product itself seemed to be good, just not for our use.
Scotty pants (May 05, 2018) Reviewer: Shonna Peters They fit well around waist but are extremely long .. they go to his chest area . Waist and leg area fit nice and catch any mess.