Waterproof Pull On Pants

Waterproof Pull On Pants
Waterproof Pull On Pants Waterproof Pull On Pants Waterproof Pull On Pants Waterproof Pull On Pants Waterproof Pull On Pants Waterproof Pull On Pants Waterproof Pull On Pants Waterproof Pull On Pants
Our Price: $11.95 Sale: $7.95 You Save: $4.00 (33%)
Size (See Size Chart): XSmall (19-24 lbs) Small (24-29 lbs) Medium (29-34 lbs) Large (34-39 lbs) XLarge (39-44 lbs) XXL (44-49 lbs)

These pull on pants are waterproof, so they will prevent leaks. The waist and legs have soft spandex elastic that will help reduce the mess.

Pull on Pants are designed to go over Cloth Training Pants, and are pre-designed to match sizing with Potty Scotty and Potty Patty brand training pants.

The nylon will not rip and will remain soft after repeated washings. These are today's VINYL training pants!

Our potty training pants come in a variety of sizes and will fit babies, toddlers and kids up to age 6. (The weight and the size of the child will have an effect on the age limit of our product. For example, children who are 7 and older but have a small build may still fit into our training pants.) Please make sure to use our weight chart as well as our sizing chart to get an accurate fit.

2 per package

Below is an example of how these Pull On Pants should be worn (over Cloth Training Pants)

Care Instructions:

Machine wash in warm water. No bleach. Tumble dry on low or line dry. No ironing.


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Product Specifications

Color White
Pattern Solid
Brand Mom Innovations
Product Type Training Pants
Product Gender Unisex
Product Audience Baby , Kids
Material Cotton , Polyester
Training Pants Features Waterproof , Cloth (Washable / Reusable) , Pull On / Pull Off
Apparel Size Multiple Sizes Available

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Great Pants (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: Julie I have a 20 year old disabled child, still in diapers. She only weighs 65 lbs and is very thin. The XL fit perfect, I was using an old Gerber XL, which they don't make anymore, and I was getting worried I couldn't find these anymore. The disabled places only cater to adult sizes and are way over priced. Thank you for having them. And I like the way you have the measurements available, it's very helpful.
way too big (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: L size down if you think of buying these. we already had Imse Vimse training pants and they leak if they have a full pee in them, so we thought to buy covers. These covers are way too big, my son is regular sized and weighs 35lbs, bought the large and they are huge. Would love to return/exchange them but with all these restocking fees and return limitations, we'd probably have to pay to give them back.
Okay (Jan 06, 2009) Reviewer: Amy Patty spits up some while "going potty" and she does leak. Potty Training Concepts Comment: The dolls are not 100% perfect. Every so often, the dolls will spit up or even leak. Mom Innovations, makers of Potty Scotty & Potty Patty will work with you if this is big problem.
Perfect!! (Jan 12, 2009) Reviewer: Emily, mother of 2 Absolutely, positively LOVE it!! It saved me from having to clean my little boys bathroom everyday. I would recommend this, whole heartedly, to any mother.
Good but not Great (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: Amy I purchased this potty because of all the bells and whistles. I thought is was the greatest thing (it was the second potty we had purchased). At first my little gut loved it but what he really liked was the detachable urine guard that he wanted to take off and play with. Then it would fall off as he was sitting on the potty and I would have to be extra care in putting back on so it would not pinch his skin. For a girl this might be great but for a boy not so much. Also all the singing and noise seemed to distract him from the task at hand and I would have to turn it off until he was done then turn it on to do the potty dance.
wonderful (Dec 26, 2009) Reviewer: J. Gossett I had looked online for hours trying to find waterproof pants for an older child with autism. I finally found these that would fit. I am back to buy the XXL for him. I hope to get him potty trained soon. Today he is nine years old.
Very Nice but Very Big (Apr 23, 2010) Reviewer: Michelle

These are really nice. Doesn't make too much noise in motion.

You definitely need to size down. My son is avg size 35lbs and the large is WAY too big.

I will purchase again since I got only two but will consider getting smaller size.

We love it! (Sep 20, 2010) Reviewer: SC Even though he's young for potty training, we thought we would get him used to the idea with the hopes that it might make the transition easier when the time comes. He loves it and has fun pointing to Elmo on the seat. It's very soft and easy to clean. Great buy!
Great but big (Nov 30, 2010) Reviewer: Patty Lee These are really great...but my daughter is 40 lbs and not small in the midsection, and she still wears mediums with plenty of poof to spare. Size down.
nice, high splash guard (Jan 06, 2011) Reviewer: Antrea Williams Finally a potty seat with a high splash guard for little boys. So easy to use and fits the toilet nicely.
Great product, but runs large (Jan 26, 2011) Reviewer: Andi My 3 year old son is very tall at 44 inches and 46lbs. The pants were exactly what I was looking for but they run huge. The urine during an accident pools and then explodes like a water balloon making a larger mess than is necessary. I would go down a size
Waterproof Pull on pants (Feb 02, 2011) Reviewer: N.Borsell Seem to be working well for my 3 yr old. I measured her thighs first to get proper size. I am using them with regular underwear underneath, and for the most part they contain the urine, until you slide them down, so if you get the other clothes off first and have some wipes or paper ready, it's not too bad. I usually have tights on her too, and there is sometimes about a half dollar spot that leaks out. To me though, this is still much better than pee all over the couches and floors along with the ensuing trails.Also it rarely gets to her pants. It does also prompt her to tell me faster (although still not in time). Also, I have been able to hand wash, roll in a towel, and then just set over the heat registers to dry in about 15-20 minutes, which is nice so I didn't have to buy more than one 2-pack, and I don't have to run laundry just to keep up with them. I would definitely buy or use these again.
Cute potty! (Apr 07, 2011) Reviewer: Sherri My 2 1/2 yr old wants everything Dora so we bought this potty in addition to the Disney Princess that plays music which she has become bored with until Dora showed up. She loves to go potty again, even likes to poop it in the real toilet and flush, and also uses it to stand on. The only con is it does slide on our hardwood floors (she's 25 lbs) so I've asked my husband to put some backing on it.
Waterproof Pull on Pants (May 08, 2011) Reviewer: S These are fantastic. My 22 month old is potty training and they help keep her clothes dry when used with the Potty Patty padded underwear. I was concerned about size because the reviews say they run large and my daughter is between sizes at 24 lbs, but the small fits her perfectly. (She can fit in the XS and X in the underwear). They don't melt in the dryer like other brands and they're less obvious under her clothes.
Great Chair (May 09, 2011) Reviewer: Ray Wolf My son who is 2 and a half opened the box when it came and he loved it the only thing I wish was different was when he uses it Thomas would say something
Great for extra protection (Jun 06, 2011) Reviewer: Aftynne I bought these for extra protection to use with the potty patty cotton training pants. My daughter is petite (22lbs and 20 months old) and wears an XS in the training pants, but I had to order a Small in these. Although they are a little large for her they still provide the protection she needs and helps keep her clothes dry. They can be washed and dried with no problem, haven't shown any shrinkage, and aren't bulky under her clothes. So far we have been very pleased with this product!
Save some money! (Jun 07, 2011) Reviewer: Patty These are great! Kids can feel if they are wet a lot better than if they are in pullups and they stop clothes from being wet. My daughter loved them because she got to wear underwear and I love them because there is no mess and it is a lot cheaper than buying boxes of pullups.
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous Really happy with these pull ons. The material is nylon, which is more soft than the vinyl. We machine wash and dry, and they're still in great shape a few months later. My 22 month old darling pees through his nighttime Huggies diaper every night, and after many failed diaper covers, special diapers, and homemade solutions, I got these and have not had to wash pee off the bedding ever since. The cover alone is not enough to prevent spills, though. I have the nighttime diaper on, then some underpants over that to absorb the urine, and then the pull ons. When I want extra protection, I line the pull on with a soft washcloth. We probably wouldn't have this problem if he didn't drink water in bed, but I don't want to deprive him of his fluids. Now with these pants, it's not a problem.
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous The training pants seem like a nice product but their sizes are off. My daughter is tall, average size &40;not skinny&41; and 41 pounds. I chose the Xlarge for 39-44 Lbs. They are way too big and would have leaked around the legs.. The sizes of their products are more for stocky kids. So I am returning them and purchasing the next size down. I will have to pay for returning them but they waived the shipping on the smaller size order. They were very helpful on the phone and they arrived in three days. The same goes for the the cotton training pants.
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous These are great and keep wet leaks in. Their very durable, I've had them and wash them alot, last a long time
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous Nice and soft not hard and plastic feeling.Keeps my daughter dry.She is about 28 pounds and a medium fits nice - runs big.
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous I looked everywhere in town for these pants and was unsuccessful! I like the feel and protection they give! It helps me out with not washing the sheets from leakage everyday and that is worth gold!
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous This is a great waterproof cover to use in conjunction with cotton training pants. It is softer and just better all round than the Gerber covers. Definitely worth the bit extra in price. They are not bulky ie they squash flat against the cotton pants. The elastic is very soft, also, which is nice. They are a good fit &40;we use the small size over the x-small cotton potty patty pants and also over the 18 mth size Gerber cotton training pants&41;. If your kid has chunky thighs, they might be too tight.
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous I have recently started potty training my 3 year old son. He is 41 pounds but very tall and thin, so I decided to order the size Large instead of the X-Large. I am glad I did, as these seem to run big. If your child is husky or has chunky thighs, then I would order the recommended size. I use them over his cotton "big boy" underwear. These pants do a good job of keeping his clothes dry. The elastic is soft and not too tight around the waist and thighs but is secure enough not too leak. When he has an accident, I stand him in the bathtub so it is easier to clean him up. Otherwise, you might have a mess on the floor. Overall, I am satisfied with them and will continue to use them. I gave it four stars instead of five only because of the sizing.
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous I'm in the midst of potty training my 3 year old. She's been a little stubborn about it thus my need for plastic protective pants. The fit well over underwear and under clothing. My primary use for them is traveling in the car and going to the store. Might be slightly big but for me that's a plus, because my dd is tall and growing fast. We did have a major accident and the pants failed to contain but frankly, there's no product that was going to contain that volume.
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous No better or worse than imagined. Keeps the wet in pretty well. My son found them a trifle uncomfortable, but they are plastic pants...who wouldn't?
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous Theses are great. Durable -- hold up to frequent washings with bleach. Easy to use -- my son can pull them off and on. And best of all they don't leak. I also bought the gerber ones and these are much better at preventing leaks.
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous Just purchased these and the material and fit is very similar to the Bummis Whisper nylon cover/training pants. I like them a lot, especially for the price. Better than Gerber plastic pants.
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous After trying Gerber and Dappi for training pants covers, I decided to take a risk and pay the extra price for these. SO worth it! The Gerber and Dappi seem to be made for much bulkier diapers and are too papery &40;gerber&41; on not repellent enough &40;dappi&41;. These are the perfect thickness and softness and are REALLY made for potty training, not diaper covering. So nice to finally find what I've needed all along.
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous In 18 years of childrearing I have never needed to buy plastic pants. I always considered them a relic of my mother's generation who had to raise cloth diaper-wearing babies. My kids always did disposable diapers, pull-ups and disposable swim diapers. Recently, however, we joined a local swim & tennis club that requires children who aren't potty-trained to wear plastic pants over a swim diaper. This was a first for me, but you have to respect their emphasis on pool cleanliness. So, I checked online to see where and which plastic pants to buy. The Potty Scotty/Potty Patty plastic pants came well-recommended, better than name brands like Gerber, so I ordered them through the Mom Innovations website. I needed them fast so I could take the kids swimming Memorial Day. Mom Innovations said on their website they'd work to accomodate customers, but when I told them I needed them in three days, they said I'd chosen the wrong shipping method - Fedex Ground. But guess what -- they did arrive on Day 3! We've used them, we've washed them, we like them. $23.42 to buy two packs of two each &40;total: 4&41; and ship them. If you have to have them, we recommend them.
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous Life saving product for me! I was so tired of changing sheets for my first grader. He is much happier too since his sheets are dry every day. They are also very durable and don't hold odor like some I have had in the past that were more cotton.
(Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous We have used the Potty Pattys for years with great success. These are perfect for pulling over their all cotton &40;non-waterproof&41; panties. We used them only at night and our little girl was potty trained after 3 nights of "accidents". All of her bedding stayed perfectly dry. So, when she would come and get me after an "accident" in the middle of the night, all I had to do was put new panties on her instead of having to take her whole bed apart to change the sheeting as well.
Great Affordable Product (Aug 28, 2011) Reviewer: Katie We moved from cloth diapers to regular panties for my daughter, but needed something more for nighttime and long trips. These are so much more affordable than other options and work beautifully! We purchased the training kit and use this for night wear. My daughter can pull them up and down easily and when she did wake up with wet panties, her sheets and pajamas were dry. When she gets better control, we will leave off the plastic pant. The panties wash and dry with my normal load, the plastic covers wash normally and I hang-dry them. Terrific product! Thank you!
potty training plastic pants (Aug 31, 2011) Reviewer: Tammy They work great. They are a little big, my girl is small for her age and the smallest pair is too big.
The only solution I've found so far (Sep 19, 2011) Reviewer: Amy Valentine Konja This is the only potty training toilet seat solution I've found so far. We decided not to do a plastic baby potty in our house so my husband and I went looking for a folding travel potty seat, none of which fit our home toilet. everything slid around or left gaps. Potty training is scary enough let alone when your kid is afraid to fall in! This is perfect. It's clean, secure and VERY unobtrusive. You dont even know it's there. And it VERY easy to install. Brilliant. Now make a foldable travel option for elongated seats and we'll be all set!!
too big (Sep 22, 2011) Reviewer: Dixie Dorman I ordered the size 3T because the weight chart for this size starts at 30 lbs. They are huge on my daughters. They both weigh about 30 lbs. I will have to order the 2T and hopefully they will fit and not be to small. I think that it would be nicer to have a material that is still waterproof but more breathable. My girls were sweating in these.
awesome (Sep 28, 2011) Reviewer: Megan My little man is not totally into the idea of potty training. He is a fan of diapers, but he is starting to like the look of underwear. The problem with most training pants is that they do not have awesome designs on them, but after going to the store and getting some money and car underwear he is really getting into potty training...but they are horrible at absorbing anything, which is where the waterproof pull on pants come in! They are amazing at keeping the wet in and unless my son told me I would never know he wet his pants (which in my opinion is the whole point! I want him to tell me so we can change him and he can learn that dry is better than wet)!
simple and effective (Feb 16, 2012) Reviewer: Jenn Jonay These contain the mess but are still easy for my daughter to pull down. Easily hand wash and dry quickly when accidents happen.
Looks Good (Mar 08, 2012) Reviewer: Steve Holmgren I just received it a couple days ago, and I haven't had the opportunity for my Grandson to use it. His training is starting up shortly.
Did the job (Oct 05, 2012) Reviewer: Jill

Ordered the plastic pants to train our 2 year old, love them!

Best part is the elastic legs and waist, very soft and non irritating to the skin like most elastic. Wash nicely. Would recommend.

Exactly what I was looking for (Jan 15, 2013) Reviewer: Julie Nelson After disappointment with Gerber plastic pants, I was looking for a High Quality alternative and found it in your Scotty Potty brand. Thank you for making a product that stands up to washing and fits properly.
daughters first holy communion (Jan 25, 2013) Reviewer: marjory i bought a package of the xxl size and put one of them on my 7 year old daughter under her communion dress last may.i baby powdered her first then put them on her.she wore them all day and they didnt cause her any problems.they were the same color white as her pretty dress.most of the little girls in her class also had rubberpants on under their dresses also.
Very effective (Jan 28, 2013) Reviewer: Peter I use this product on my developmentally delayed 6 year old. I use regular cotton underwear and she has made remarkable progress. I concur with other reviews about using one size smaller than recommended. I use L (34-39lb) although she is 48lb and it fits just fine. One small caveat: I purchased several and there seems to be a variation in quality of the nylon. Some are thinner than others.
We have a winner! (Feb 07, 2013) Reviewer: Dianne C. We have tried every manner of reminders/bribes/cajoling to get my son to use the bathroom on time. Having a neutral, third party (THE WATCH) "telling" him it's time to go is working incredibly well. I wish I'd discovered it a year ago! My only criticism is that I wish it came in more colors.
Excellent product (Feb 08, 2013) Reviewer: Eliza Fast service, good communication and high quality item.
Potty Training (Feb 08, 2013) Reviewer: Yates These training underwear are great, during the potty training process. We love them. They have saved the shoes from getting wet.
Great idea! (Feb 11, 2013) Reviewer: Tom Toth My boy is still a bit young/small to really use the seat unless we use the insert from his Cars Potty. With that seat on top, it works great. He'll just need to grow into it and then I'll be able to give a better idea of likes/dislikes. As for adults, I don't care for the seat. Not to ergonomically comfortable but I suppose there's always the other toilet for us if we want to be comfortable. This one is mainly for the boy anyway.
Very large (Feb 11, 2013) Reviewer: Alison I ordered the 18 month size for my petite 22 month old and they don't come close to fitting yet. They're very big. Fortunately we can save them as they're probably going to work just fine in the future.
Just want I was looking for (Feb 11, 2013) Reviewer: Alison These soft training pants were just what I was looking for for my 22 month old who seems interested & ready to start potty training. They are soft and the 18 month size fits her well at 22 lbs. I ordered them in the white, pink and floral.
Poorly Made (Feb 13, 2013) Reviewer: Scott I was greatly disappointed with this seat. It slides around all over the place, making my son very nervous and causing him to fall down once when getting up off of it. The cushion is made of a very cheap material that once deformed stays that way and the button for the sound it's supposed to make did not work at all. The button is cheap and I guess either the batteries it shipped with are dead, or it never worked in the first place. PTC COMMENT: We are so sorry the product did not work for you. Had we known we could have tried to deal with the situation. You may have just had one that malfunctioned.
Good value (Feb 13, 2013) Reviewer: Chloe These are great, very small and tight, I would suggest get 2 sizes up for a standard weight baby/child. They are super absorbent but obviously like any trainer they are ment for training so you shouldn't expect them to last for hours at a time. Good price and hard wearing....go for it!
12 year old daughters baptism (Mar 09, 2013) Reviewer: emma Last fall we baptized our 12 year old daughter and dressed her in the traditional white poofy knee length dress with a bonnet lace anklet and white shoes.my neighbor uses the xxl size of the rubber pants on her 3 year old daughter,so i borrowed a pair and had the daughter wear them under the dress.she weighs 84 pounds and they fit her surprisingly well with no problems.after i put them on her i sprinkled baby powder in them.
Waterproof pull on pants (Jun 25, 2013) Reviewer: Renee Jestice It does a great job! When she has accidents there are no leaks with the training pants on. She's able to pull them down herself too.
Not your old plastic pants! (Aug 05, 2013) Reviewer: Micki I love these training pants! The new material is so much softer than the old plastic pants! They wash and dry so wonderful! Also the elastic in the legs keeps everything in without strangling my little girls chunky legs!
prefect (Aug 11, 2013) Reviewer: shawn all thou my son has issues wearing these over his diaper training pants these are a prefect fit n does there job, he's 6 and is special needs
Great (Sep 04, 2013) Reviewer: Addison Curoe Great, until you took it off, and all the pee leeked out
Very soft Plastic Pants (Sep 18, 2013) Reviewer: Janelle Keele These are great quality, soft plastic pants. They have stretchy fabric around the leg openings & waist which makes them look very comfortable. The sizing was spot-on for my slightly skinny 3 yr old, they contain leaks quite well, and most importantly, ,y daughter will wear them without complaint!
Thank my stars for this product! (Oct 07, 2013) Reviewer: Lesa Giberson I am so glad this is available in larger sizes for those who need it.
Flower girl rubber pants (Oct 29, 2013) Reviewer: gloria my two daughters,ages 8 and 10 were flower girls in my neices wedding last august and i put the xxl size on them when i dressed them and they wore them under their white dresses for the day.
Works pretty well (Jan 02, 2014) Reviewer: C.Booth I have a 4 year old boy who is almost 4 feet tall and weighs about 47 lbs. He's still in pull ups just at night and we're struggling with finding an absorbant enough pull up that won't leak out on the bed. I was so greatful to find these pants (in his size) to put over the pull ups. As mentioned in previous revies they do run a bit big but I've kept them and used them anyway. They work for the most part though there are still times when it leaks out. He loves them and is happy to wear them since they are comfortable. He even calls them his "slippery pants" because he slips right off my lap when he's wearing them and he thinks that's fun :-)
my daughters confirmation (Feb 24, 2014) Reviewer: linda d. my 14 year old daughter went thru roman catholic confirmation last may and had to wear a poofy white,knee length dress with a veil.white tights and white mary janes.I borrowed a pair of the xxl size plastic pants from the parish nursery and put them on her when i dressed her and they were hardly noticable under her tights.I had her wear them to make her feel more pure in her white outfit.i put the rubber pants in her tights and put them in the box with her dress and veil.
Good Product (Jun 07, 2014) Reviewer: Kim Barry So glad to have this product! I didn't think I could handle doing cloth training pants if it meant my son would be peeing all over the carpet, furniture, and beds all day long! These along with the cloth training pants kept his clothes dry. I'm very happy with all the Potty Scotty products I got. They are all good quality and worth the investment.
Awesome (Jun 23, 2014) Reviewer: Andrea Land I have been looking for leak proof covers.I've tried other covers however when my toddler had accidents they did nothing. After searching and looking over the reviews for these I bought 2 packages and THEY ARE AWESOME! My toddler had an accident during nap time and complete soaked his underwear and I had no idea until he told me when he got up. His shorts and bed sheets were completely dry. Great product! They also don't scratch him like the others did.
Grey Stripes Towel (Jul 03, 2014) Reviewer: Erin Frederiksen Seller contacted me regarding personalization. Our email exchange was quick and courteous. The towel arrived before the estimated delivery date. The stripes on the towel we received are not as bold and solid in their coloring as pictured.
very good waterproof covers (Sep 08, 2014) Reviewer: Alex Used it over my son disposable diaper, protected from leaks and mess, he was having issues with leakage and these help, love them
re: leaking issues (Sep 26, 2014) Reviewer: Paul These plastic covers are perfect, fits my 6 year old son perfect, over his disposable diaper, he was, having leaking issues, now it's contained
Potty training aid (Oct 28, 2014) Reviewer: Kimberly My son just started serious potty training a few weeks ago and we noticed he hates being wet; this item keeps his clothes dry however it continues to keep him wet so he has to go to the bathroom & change, it's been easier to keep him dry by doing dry checks with these on! Oh and now loud noises like the old school protectors.
Awesome product! (Nov 02, 2014) Reviewer: Jey I ordered 2 packs of these plastic underwears for my 6 yr that still wets his bed at night.. He wears pull ups under but every night it would go through his pull up, on his pjs and then on the sheets.. Got tired pf washing everythinv over and over.. This underwear protects the pull up from leaking on the clothes and the bed sheets. Exactly what i needed! Everything is what is what it looked like on the website and the delivery time was about 1 week to get to laval, Quebec in Canada. I definately recommend this product!!!
Great for night time (Jan 29, 2015) Reviewer: tracy campolattaro I have tried every overnight diaper, insert, no liquids, putting goodnight pull up over night time diaper etc, only to wake up to wet baby/bedding. Have not had one leak with this over her diaper at night. Relief!
Adopted 14 year old daughter wears them (May 27, 2015) Reviewer: lisa N. We adopted our 14 year old daughter the end of march from an orphange and right away put her into the cloth diapers and rubberpants for her bedwetting and daytime accidents.She wears the xxl size during the day time over her disposable diaper,then at bedtime we put her into a thick cloth diaper and adult size rubberpants.So far the xxl size have been working for her and i plan on buying more of them!
Cowgirl bathtowel (May 29, 2015) Reviewer: Carla Rolleri I am very disappointed in the quality of the towel and will not be giving it as a gift
vinal pants (Sep 01, 2015) Reviewer: Owen c/o Prouty great
Vinyl pants to cover over training pants (Oct 12, 2015) Reviewer: Linda L. This are great. I really love them. They work great over training pants. And they are softer and more durable than the other ones I have. I would highly recommend them.
plastic pants (Mar 06, 2016) Reviewer: Aimee Medeiros I was disappointed to find out that even though I had ordered the correct size that my daughter wears, that these pants were huge. I don't know how I will fit them under a bathing suit or other clothes without them being seen. My daughter has a medical problem and I was hoping that these were a solution for us...but I dont think so. I was wary of ordering a smaller size because I wasn't sure if the leg holes would be too small.
great for older kids (Aug 05, 2016) Reviewer: resha young My daughter is seven and autistic. We had to find something to work for her because she is bigger. These work for her. No leaks.
Great product! (Oct 20, 2016) Reviewer: Julie E Huntzinger These pants are so nice!! They aren't the still plastic that you buy else where. They are a soft breathable fabric that doesn't make your child sweat. No leaks either
You are the best! (Nov 02, 2016) Reviewer: Lesa Giberson My 23 year old special needs daughter requires vinyl pants over the diaper and your company has the best ones ever. I have been ordering with you for over 10 years, and I remain a loyal customer.
Thank you! (Nov 03, 2016) Reviewer: Rosary Tarantine I reordered the waterproof pull on pants because they helped my two year old granddaughter stay dry at bedtime! She needs a bigger size now!! So, thank you for this product!! Reminds of the rubber pants I used to be able to buy in stores for my children when I used cloth diapers!! They were soft and machine washable & could dry in the dryer! Just like your product!! Thanks again,
Vinyl Pants for Potty Training (Jun 23, 2017) Reviewer: Kim Hoyt These are exactly what I used 35 years ago to potty train my kids. They work fairly good but are far too expensive to bother buying. With shipping you are paying essentially $9 per pair, absolutely ridiculous.
11 year old daughters first communion (Sep 13, 2017) Reviewer: Corrine Our 11 year old daughter made her First Communion back in may and like many other parishes,the communion dress is considered an extension of the baptism outfit.We got the plastic pants in the xxl size for her to wear under her dress to symbolize her baptism purity,and they fit great and didnt cause her any problems.I would reccommend these for under communion dresses all the time!
Waterproof covers (Jan 20, 2018) Reviewer: Jennifer Scott A must have for potty trainers.
Grateful to find these! (Mar 15, 2018) Reviewer: Jennifer These items are quality, sturdy products. I am using on weekends only when my child is sleeping longer. This helps protect him, his clothes and bedding. Thanks!!
Saves washing bedclothes (Jun 07, 2018) Reviewer: Carol Using XXL size over disposable night pants in case of leaks. They are a good fit for a 7 year old.
Potty training underwear (Jul 06, 2018) Reviewer: Elaine Pinkston The potty training underpants work well with keeping my grandchild dry, while wearing underwear. I just wish there was a cloth liner.
13 year old daughter as flowergirl (Aug 29, 2018) Reviewer: Marie Y. When our 13 year old daughter was the flowergirl in her Aunts wedding,i got the xxl size pants for her to wear under her flower girl dress.they fit her good and didnt cause her any problems.
Incorrect sizing (Sep 30, 2018) Reviewer: Ashley Gale I purchased the size based off of my son's weight. The pants are too big. Now I get to pay to ship them back and be deducted a 15% restocking fee! I already paid almost as much as I did for the pants to ship them! Very frustrating! As most parents know, we don't have a lot of money to waste!!
Waterproof pull on pants (Nov 19, 2018) Reviewer: Marilyn Heflin He refused to wear
Sadly Didn't Work (Mar 13, 2019) Reviewer: Veronica M I wanted to love these, but for whatever reason they just didn't work for my daughter. Both times she had an accident in bed the pee soaked through her panties and leaked out of the waterproof pull on pants all over the sheets, blankets, mattress pad, etc. Perhaps for minor leaks these would work, but for full on accidents they did almost nothing to contain the mess. They fit fine, and I am giving 2 stars on the off chance that they work out for smaller leakages, but so far I have not been at all impressed.
ery good product (May 24, 2019) Reviewer: Carolyn Have 7 year old twins that wet the bed and I use these waterproof pants over double cloth diapers and very seldom is there a leak. Very happy with them.
Daughters flowergirl rubberpants (Feb 16, 2020) Reviewer: Libby When our daughter was 14,she was the flowergirl in her aunts wedding and wore a cute,poofy white dress and veil.I got the xxl size pants for her to wear under her dress to make her feel more little girlish.They fit her nice and she wore them all day long.
Training covers (Apr 07, 2020) Reviewer: Jana Lockard I bought a smaller size than the weight of my child. I put them on and they fit (seemed like they may be a bit big) and I found out soon enough. He peed and the cover didn’t hold it at all. His shorts were wet and I noticed wet spots on floor and realized he had peed and the covers did nothing to contain it. Should have gotten a Med but they no longer had any Med covers. This was a waste of money and I bought several. I just am not having any luck buying good covers for cloth training pants which is a shame.
We wore them at our slumber party (Jun 22, 2020) Reviewer: Anna lien I am 17,and last fall when i was 16,me and 5 of my close friends had a slumber party and we found 8 pairs of the xxl size plastic pants at a thrift store and we each wore a pair over goodnites when we went to sleep.They fit us good!