What is Potty Boot Camp?

Potty Training Boot Camp is a potty training method that was developed Ms. Wendy Sweeny and it will potty train your child in one day!

The Booty Camp« method was inspired by the book "Toilet Training in Less Than A Day" by Azrin & Foxx.

Potty Boot Camp is a:

  • 1 day seminar / class
  • It is attended by the potty trainer
  • And his/her parent and/or primary care giver(s)
  • The seminar is held in West Chicago.
  • Each class will have 5 children.
  • The cost of the seminar is $300.

Ms. Sweeney also teaches these seminars to children with special needs.

The Booty Camp« training method can be used with special needs children and adolescents, including, but not limited to, those with cerebral palsy, autism, down syndrome, or chromosomal disorders.

Ms Sweeney have experienced great success with teaching special needs children, as the basic concepts are the same.

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