Black Potty Watch by Potty MD

Black Potty Watch by Potty MD
Black Potty Watch by Potty MD
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Potty Watches can be so helpful during potty training. These great NEW potty watches offer alot of features that are great when potty training a toddler and children with special needs.

With this potty watch you can set a reminder alarm for your child to either vibrate or make a loud noise to serve as a reminder to go potty!

WobL Potty Watch features:

  • New eight separate alarm settings
  • Alarm features
    • Vibration or alarm function
    • Countdown timer has auto reset feature
    • Date, time, and stop watch
    • New lock-out feature avoids accidental resetting
  • Small & comfortable velcro wristband
    • For toddler to small adult
    • Fits approx. 4" to 8" wrist
  • New 3 ATM water resistant (NOT WATERPROOF)
  • New longer battery life (2-4 months) & shock resistant

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Product Specifications

Color Black
Pattern Solid
Brand PottyMD
Product Type Potty Watches
Product Gender Unisex
Manufacturer PottyMD

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Works as intended (Dec 21, 2014) Reviewer: Ryan This watch works well for reminding my 5-year old to try the potty throughout the day. He gets distracted by other things and forgets to go until it's too late. The watch helps a lot. Reminder is set for every hour. The vibrate signal is nice so it won't disrupt others in class. Only setbacks would be: too many functions (5-year olds don't need a stopwatch setting) and the strap is a little scratchy ( it's fabric and the stitching seams bother his wrist a little). Overall, very pleased with the purchase.
Total Life Saver!!! (Oct 24, 2015) Reviewer: Mom of two boys This watch is AWESOME!! Best money we ever spent. We bought this for my second child and I was honestly afraid he would NEVER be potty trained. I'd tried EVERYTHING! (Even the "3-day potty training" naked baby technique.) My son was still always having that "one accident" a day, (Usually on my couch) when he was distracted by something such as a favorite show or playing at the train table. This watch has stopped that completely!!! I LOVE IT!!!! You won't be sorry!!
Works Well - would reccomend (Aug 16, 2012) Reviewer: Jacey

The watch was a little hard to set up and confusing, probably cause I didn't read the instructions correctly.

You set the time/day You set the time frame you want the Clock to go off between (example between 8am-8pm) basically when your child is awake. Then you set the time between alarms (40 minutes was mine) Then you have to make sure and start the timer (this is where I got confused).

There is also a stop watch on here so don't get that time confused. The nice thing is you can pause the timer or restart it. You don't have to reset it every day if you don't want it will automatically start going off the next day.

My 2 year old wears it fine, he just knows he will get in trouble if he takes it off, so he keeps it on. There is also a lock feature, that at least he can't mess up the time and a light button.

could be 5 stars (Mar 09, 2013) Reviewer: Lyle Ewing The watch does its job as described. The problem is that my son is a very deep sleeper and does not respond to either alarm type. It would work better if it kept repeating until it was reset like a bedroom alarm clock. He does like it, i just wish it was a bit more effective for our situation. My son is 7 years old and fully potty trained (while awake).
Definitely not waterproof (May 15, 2014) Reviewer: R Bakke My son accidentally jumped in the pool with the watch on, and took it straight off seconds later and it is now dead. I won't be buying another one until I can find one that is waterproof. The watch is too expensive it be accidentally wrecked. It's a kids watch -kids get things wet!
Black Potty Watch by Potty MD (Mar 29, 2018) Reviewer: Holly I have not been so happy in such a very long time. This incognito potty watch helps my daughter with her issues without creating more issues. We no longer have clean ups, reminders, embarrassing mistakes, it's all due to the 8 alarm watch. Thank you so much for making us happier and helping with our schedules.