Pink Potty Watch by Potty MD

Pink Potty Watch by Potty MD
Pink Potty Watch by Potty MD
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Potty Watches can be so helpful during potty training. These great NEW potty watches offer alot of features that are great when potty training a toddler and children with special needs.

With this potty watch you can set a reminder alarm for your child to either vibrate or make a loud noise to serve as a reminder to go potty!

WobL Potty Watch features:

  • Neweight separatealarm settings
  • Alarm features
    • Vibration or alarm function
    • Countdown timer has auto reset feature
    • Date, time, and stop watch
    • New lock-out feature avoids accidental resetting
  • Small & comfortable velcro wristband
    • For toddler to small adult
    • Fits approx. 4" to 8" wrist
  • New3ATM water resistant (NOTWATERPROOF)
  • Newlonger battery life (2-4 months)& shock resistant

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Product Specifications

Color Pink , Black
Pattern Solid
Brand PottyMD
Product Type Potty Watches
Product Gender Female
Manufacturer PottyMD

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Great watch, band needs improvement (Jan 27, 2015) Reviewer: Alecia Kuhl The watch itself works amazing. My seven year old is using it to "retrain" her bladder as she has trouble emptying her entire bladder each time she uses the restroom. The vibrating alarm is the best part. She can wear the watch to school while using the alarms, without interrupting the classroom. My only complaint is the watch band size. It is pretty big for the age range intended for the product. I had to cut off part of the band so it wasn't bugging my daughter. Maybe consider offering different sizes of bands?
Product and Service (Nov 09, 2014) Reviewer: Alisa The watch is very helpful in providing training and meeting 5 year old's personal challenge. Our unit broke within approximately six weeks of use. Customer service was excellent by responding promptly, standing behind the product, and replacing it.
Did the job (Oct 05, 2012) Reviewer: Jill

Ordered the plastic pants to train our 2 year old, love them!

Best part is the elastic legs and waist, very soft and non irritating to the skin like most elastic. Wash nicely. Would recommend.

Pink Potty Watch (Oct 20, 2016) Reviewer: Kara Hardy Has really helped our daughter to become conscientious of when she has to go. It has given her full confidence again. We definitely recommend it.
Great, in theory... (Nov 14, 2015) Reviewer: Christine My five year old loved this watch and it did it's job reminding her to use the bathroom whenever it went off...for a day and a half. Then she accidentally got it wet while washing her hands and it completely stopped working. It seems that a watch that is used to remind one to do something that requires getting wet, should not be that sensitive to water.
Excellent investment (Apr 30, 2012) Reviewer: Erica My step-daughter was potty-trained for a year from ages 3-4 and then started to regress. It is unclear whether this started as a medical or behavioral problem, but she started having small accidents multiple times per day and was no longer potty-trained at night. She's now 6. I bought her this watch and she loves it. We set alarms for every two hours, and since she goes to bed and wakes up around the same time each day, we only had to set the alarms once. We have had far fewer accidents during the day as a result of this watch, and fluid restriction at night has significantly reduced her episodes of bed-wetting. Given current custody arrangements, she lives mostly with her mother who has failed to address this issue, but at least the watch is helpful when my fiancee and I have her. When we have her this summer, we plan to buy the bed alarm too.
Not too shabby (Feb 07, 2012) Reviewer: betalou This watch has worked like a charm on my 3 year old. When it goes off, she stops what she is doing and heads to the potty! My only complain is it's very difficult to set the 8 timers. Either way, it's a good investment if your child is receptive!
Watch (Oct 12, 2012) Reviewer: Pam

I really can't rate this, we cannot figure out how to program it. It's very cute.

Excellent product (Nov 15, 2013) Reviewer: Lenora Walker I absolutely love this product. It is helping my daughter to remember to go to the bathroom during school and at home. I love that you can set your own timers to go off at different times of the day. I want one for myself now to remind me to take my medicines.
Great watch for potty training (Nov 27, 2017) Reviewer: Pamela J Williams This watch does what it says. A bit pricey and a bit of trouble and time to set it up, but once I did, it works perfectly and my granddaughter (6) loves it. She has ADHD/inattentive type and doesn't pay attention to many things, including the signals her body sends out. Only complaint is that the band is rather large so it is loose even on the smallest setting, but she says she still feels the vibration. I like that you can choose alarm/vibration/or alarm-vibration. It keeps great time and looks like a regular kid's watch, unlike those other ridiculous potty watches that look like a toilet seat. Really?? What were they thinking! Now only if she would stop losing it...
Not delighted busy mom (Jan 28, 2018) Reviewer: Lisa Jackson Ordered this watch to help my daughter, it arrived with a dead battery. I'm a busy working mom, imagine my delight:-( not so much😤